Muscle Toning with


What is “In-Shape”?

“In-Shape” is a non-invasive magnetic energy treatment to firm and define abdominal and extremity muscles, and tighten, and lift the buttocks (gluteals). The aesthetic sculpting benefit is very effective. The “In-Shape” machine uses a high-intensity, focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to trigger deep muscle contractions that are impossible to achieve with any type of vigorous workout on your own. The intense contractions cause muscles to thicken, strengthen, and firm for a dramatic improvement in body contouring in a short amount of time.

The Procedure:

There is no preparation or downtime from treatment; just visit the restroom beforehand. You will lay down for 30 minutes. Two paddles are applied to the treatment area over your clothing. You will feel a tapping sensation that is not painful (some say it tickles). A book or cell phone will serve as a nice distraction. Afterwards, you are free to go about your day without any limits or post care.

When will I see improvement?

Patients usually feel “like a good work-out” difference right away, and see visible differences at 2 to 4 weeks after the last treatment. Patients have reported improvements in back support, posture, and mobility. They also note improved athletic performance at 3 weeks after treatment, and see muscular benefits ongoing for 3 months after treatment.

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*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

How It Works

A single 30 minute treatment triggers 20,000 skeletal muscle contractions that sustain tension beyond the maximum voluntary contraction. These intense contractions, increase muscle density as they adapt to the increased physiologic demand. The abdominal muscle remodeling requires more fuel causing a natural release of free fatty acids that enter surrounding fat cells, causing them to break down (lipolysis) and shed naturally. Scans of the abdomen have shown increases in muscle volume and reductions in fat. Lower body treatments with magnetic energy has demonstrated increases in muscle density but no changes in fat. (We need to use radiofrequency energy to reduce lower body fat.) The In-Shape procedure is completely non-invasive, and does not involve the use of lasers, heat, or radiofrequency.

Who can benefit?

Over 90+% of patients report a benefit from the “In-Shape” treatment. Many patients who seek treatment have already done everything right and still cannot reach their goals for increased muscle tone and contouring. Other patients are inspired by the kickstart they get from the “In-Shape” body sculpting device. A treatment series will build muscle tone and reduce fat on a wide range of body types and ages. Imaging has shown a reduction in the “diastasis” (split muscles) in the abdomen of certain patients.


No complications have been reported from this non-invasive magnetic energy muscle treatment. Patients who have an implanted pacemaker, defibrillator or large metal rods are not candidates for non-invasive energy treatments including this magnetic energy treatment.


We individualize your treatment schedule. We recommend two, 30 minute office sessions a week for two weeks. After a month, you may choose to continue for 4 more treatments; or wait 6 months for a maintenance treatment. All patients need to continue to work out, and eat a healthy, nutritious diet, to maintain benefits.

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